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"Take the time to see for yourself that not only do you join a fitness class, but a fitness family that truly cares for you in and out of the studio! I have reached more goals and met the most amazing people in my life through TGYF. I could not be any more grateful. So, what are you waiting for!?" 

- Jill Marchewka

"It's been almost 6 years that I have been working out with Tanya and the TGYF family and I still love it. That's a strong word to attached to working out and staying fit, but that is truly how I feel. Tanya's classes are so challenging and always changing that I never get bored. The TGYF family is so motivating: What's not to love?" - Cissy Sugrue
"While this is truly the exercise I enjoy with the most passion, it wasn't until I started Zumba that those last stubborn pounds started to move. I was sooo thrilled & threw myself into running a bit more, tweaked my diet a bit, and kept seeing small, measurable results! When I started training one on one with Tanya I won my goal weight I set at Weight Watchers almost 4 years ago (in Sept). I am thinner than I have been in over 11 years. I am enjoying this summer so much because I can wear all those pretty camisole tops and sleeveless things that in the past I didn't feel I had the confidence to pull off. What's most important off all is the fact that it has all come together in a truly healthy, exercise, confidence, balanced diet. It's no longer a yo- yo of fad diets, pills, binges & self loathing. It is true fitness, and true confidence...for the first time in almost 38 years. It is an indescribable feeling that no one can ever take away from me. I am empowered beyond belief, and whatever life issues I may face down the road, I know I will handle with more confidence because I now have that at my disposal." – Christine Moriarty
“Tanya is awesome. She has a very upbeat personality that motivates you to work harder than you ever could on your own. After working with her for a year, my muscles are stronger and more controlled, I have energy all day, I am no longer tired all the time and I can do activities quicker and easier. I also have endurance now that I never had before… I actually feel better now at 35 than I did at 18. I would highly reccommend her to anyone.” – Jennifer Corridan
“Working with Tanya has helped me increase my stamina and overall general health. Physically I am stronger than I was 20 years ago. Thanks!” – Lorie Banks
“Since I started working out with Tanya I have more motivation to be fit than ever before. She has taught me how to achieve a total body workout and I am becoming toned in places I never seen before. She pushes me to my limit every time we work out and I absolutely love it. She is an awesome trainer and a great person overall!”– Angelique Jamieson
“When I started with Tanya I had been lifting weights but hadn't been doing any cardio, leg or ab work. It took some time and work, but now I can run for several miles, I work my legs and core every week. I have my strength and endurance up to a point where I have gotten back into martial arts training. I am competing with guys half my age without a problem! I am 44 years old and feel like I am 24! Thank you Tanya!”– Eric Johns
“Since exercising with Tanya in her Total Body Blast class I continue to lose weight, go down in clothes sizes and feel great! I can see definition in my arms and my butt no longer rests on the backs on my thighs!”– Louise Sugrue
“No Judgment! She gets us moving and laughing.” – Pam
“Tanya is superb - She’s fun, intense, provides results and positive of course. I always feel good after I leave and definitely more in shape.” – Gillian Sugrue
“This class (Total Body Blast) has made me feel better about myself. I always leave feeling energized. Tanya instructs with a great supportive, motivating manner.”– Michelle
“I haven’t felt so great in years. That’s why I keep coming back!”– Charlene Pouliot
“This class is great (Total Body Blast). It has a good mix of cardio and weights. You always add variety to your routine and music. I use to have neck problems but not since I’ve been coming to your class.”– Holly
“It’s so much fun! I love it!”– Danielle Muto
“I feel GREAT when I walk out - like I am strong – like I’m a few inches taller.”– Pam
“She is a great instructor and has a great attitude. I lost ten pounds by just adding Zumba.”– Gretchen Lussier
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