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Tanya Gets You Fit, Inc.

Studio in Granby, MA

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personal training

Tanya Ryan and her entire fitness team can provide you with training in weight loss, muscle strength, endurance, sport specific and flexibility training to get you fit and keep you fit.

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    Tanya loves being active and wants to help motivate people to love the same. Tanya and her team have a strong passion for fitness and exercise and want to work with anyone whose goals are to enhance not only their knowledge on health and fitness, but to also achieve a healthier and stronger body.

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Tanya's Blog

Control The Controllables

October 10, 2019

We don't have control over other people, but we have control over ourselves. How we respond, how we react and how we go about comments, suggestions, feedback and actions of others.

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“Wow, you’ve gained a lot of weight. You probably shouldn’t gain anymore.”

May 8, 2019

That’s a real-life comment I got the other day…. Did it hurt? Yeah, a little. Not as bad as it may have once did. Did it me want to go back to the body I had a year ago, NOPE. And that right there is a HUGE step for me.

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The Wait Is Over, But The Journey Isn’t

April 9, 2019

683 days of a body that didn’t feel safe. A body that was abused, unnourished, stressed and fatigued. But after a long, hard journey of repairing, nourishing, destressing and finding my light again, it came. FINALLY! All of this hard work FINALLY paid off!

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646 Days And I Am NOT Giving Up! So Why Are YOU?

February 8, 2019

Yep, its been almost 650 days since my last period. Crazy right?! Well, not really after all the damage I did to my body. BUT I’ve been doing everything “right” the last 180 days.

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Your Weight Doesn’t Determine Your Worth

January 3, 2019

Why would you let a number make you decide on how you should feel about yourself? You step on a scale and you see a “good” number, we are trained to feel happy, excited, and good about ourselves. When you step on a scale and it gives us a “bad” number we feel discouraged, upset, and disappointed in ourselves.

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Does Your Body Feel Safe?!

December 11, 2018

Does Your Body Feel Safe? Feel like you’re doing EVERYTHING right and you are just not seeing the results you want? Maybe the first 10 lbs you lost were easy, and now the last 10 lbs you want to lose are just not coming off like the other weight did. Keep losing and then gaining that same 5 , 10 , 15 , 20 lbs?!

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What If Exercise Didn't Burn Calories, Would We Treat It Differently?

November 16, 2018

Take this journey with me and stop using exercise as a calorie burner or as a punishment, and instead as a way to feel better, and reward our bodies the opportunity to use it in different ways.

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Trying To Be Perfect Is Exhausting

November 2, 2018

Trying to be perfect will leave us unsatisfied with ourselves. And that is never a good feeling. You do not need to be perfect. There isn't happiness in perfect.

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